This class builds on principles learned in Level 1.  The design of the computer is re-visited with consideration of the role of digital signal processors as well as audio and video cards.  The midi specification and principles of digital audio recordings are closely examined.  Topics include MIDI message and digital audio formats-AES/EBU, MADI, SPDIF, etc.  Principles such as Quantization, Sampling, Multiplexing, Nyquist Theorem, Aliasing, Dither, PCM, Synchronization and Interformat Interfacing are covered to give a firm grasp on the rules of digital communication, digital signal processing and hardware restrictions.  All these principles have a direct bearing on considerations of digital audio system design and performance.  The second part of the course demonstrates how dimensional graphics, the blending of video and computer images relate to each other.  The student is further able to determine the precise digital tools required for a multimedia production.

4 Saturday Sessions

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