The course is a hands-on excursion into the digital recording and digital signal-processing environment.  The devices include forefront technologies from Yamaha Corporation such as the Yamaha O2R digital console, the Yamaha DSP Factory digital recording system, the revolutionary MD8 mini disk multi track recorder and the CDR100.  The course demonstrates the integration of this family of Yamaha hard disk recording and processing devices, with modular digital recorders such as the ADAT.  Seamless digital signal transfers between these systems is illustrated utilizing established digital communication protocols (AES/EBU, MADI, SPDIF).  Further editing through computer interfaces and linear mastering highlights the benefits of a completely digital platform.  The student comes away with a thorough appreciation of present technologies and current directions with regard to how the technologies will best serve their creative needs in pre/post production, live settings, theater, broadcasting and multimedia projects.

4 Saturday Sessions

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