Mission Statement

Basement's mission is to support the advancement of STEELPAN the instrument (aka STEELBAND), and Steelpan music - globally.

Mission Purpose

Our purpose is to provide assistance in terms of technology - with Sound Reinforcement for both performances and recordings.  Every time Basement Recordings goes out to capture a Pan event, we ensure that we acquire the best audio and video recording possible.  The first ever Pan DVD, together with the New York Panorama CD have been critically acclaimed.  Basement's pan recordings are the best in the world- with the utilization of Basement's unique formula- the revolutionary "Box and One" technique.

Plan of Action

Basement's intervention is not limited to technical assistance.  Marketing and promotion through the internet and related web activities, using web-based tools to the utmost, and all other avenues of opportunity - give the phrase - 'by any and all means necessary' - a literal meaning.

The Artist -in this case the Pan Player - is the key in the Triangle that must be completed.  The Pan player is the fundamental element who has to- Perform, Create, Document (i.e. record).

In the old days documentation of words, and 'CHUNE' (aka tune...) was traditionally passed down orally through 'GRIOTS' (aka storytellers...)  etc., and that worked.  This is the age of technology, and therefore we are using it to document the PAN Instrument.  It is imperative that Pan history be accurate - Pan's creators, those who master it, their struggles and achievements will not be relegated to folk lore, and/or appropriated by foreign cultures.

People in the future, and even those who now continue Pan's great legacy will actually be able to relive and experience - through this documentation, this testimony, - the Pan players' brilliance as Artists, and- as a People.

Through our internet site, Basement is already a resource centre, and is well positioned to become the global focal point, the network hub for all Pan activity in countries around the world.  Pan people can maintain communication, and be aware of what other pannists are doing in other parts of the world.

 Truly - the Pannists' Forum!





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